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Africa Vision Institute A process to improve the tracking of the condition of your eyes. For early detection is something is wrong and to make sure you can see...

24 hours, our turn around time.

The Africa Vision Institute (AVI) is an organisation that combines the skill of Optometrists and Ophthalmologists in a technology centred service.

Specially trained and accredited Optometrists use AVI specialist equipment and custom designed software during the patient’s eye examination. The data is automatically uploaded onto a secure website.

AVI accredited Ophthalmologists evaluate the data and provide the Optometrist with a report. This report is used to direct the patients’ future management.

The AVI system provides patients with access to the highest level of diagnostic eye care possible in South Africa, by offering state of the art secondary care evaluations, at primary care level.

The AVI system feeds a national data base and offers a uniform reporting system that verifies and audits each investigation performed. This data base can be shared for epidemiology studies, research, practitioner audits, surgical/therapeutic outcomes and education.

The system improves the effectiveness of the referral cascade as the use of this technology allows for the prevention of blindness due to the early detection of asymptomatic diseases. The portal for easy access to a specialist opinion and the resultant interactive co-management between primary and secondary care, will result in upstream (early) intervention and save on downstream (costly) intervention and/or rehabilitation.

The Africa Vision Institute provides the Optometrist with career path opportunities via national and international educational partnerships that ultimately delivers a mid-tier worker able to bring more care to more people.

The Africa Vision Institute is open to the development of sustainable solutions with partners in the managed care field.

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